BREAKING NEWS: Troopers forced to use lethal force in Tuesday's shooting

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UPDATED: Wed. Sept. 12

St. Clair, Mo. – We just spoke with Sargeant Al Nothum, spokes person for Missouri State Highway Patrol, regarding Tuesday’s shooting involving two State Troopers, that took place on Highway K one fourth of a mile south of Highway 30 at a parking lot of MFA,

Sgt. Nothum said, “Two of our troopers from our Drug and Crime division had a prearranged meeting with the subject due to an ongoing investigation. Troopers had previously had several conversation with the suspect prior to their meeting.”

Sgt. Nothum said, “When they arrived at the meeting place the subject got out of his vehicle and was armed with a handgun.  Troopers then gave the subject specific orders what to do while he held the handgun.  Things basically went south from there."

Sgt. Nothum said, “The subject would not follow the specific orders given, making several actions to threaten the troopers’ lives.  Because both troopers felt their lives and well being were in danger; they had no other choice but to use lethal force, firing several rounds and striking the subject at least two times, that I am aware of.”

Sgt. Nothum said that EMS was immediately contacted and they transported him to Mercy Hospital for treatment where he remains in critical condition.

Sgt. Nothum said, “The subject did not fire any rounds at our troopers.  Both troopers are currently on administrative leave, which is normal procedure anytime there is a shooting that takes place.  It will take several days for us to complete our investigation, which again is normal procedure.”

The suspect has been identified as Jeffrey R. Weinhaus, 45 of St. Clair, MO. The warrant was for possession of a controlled substance, tampering with a judicial officer, and possession of up to 35 grams of marijuana.