BREAKING NEWS: Union High School students evacuated after possible threat was discovered

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Photo by Kyle Quick

Union, Mo. – Monday morning at approximately 10:30 a.m., students at Union High School were evacuated after school officials discovered graffiti and vandalism that indicated a possible threat towards the students and faculty.

Union School District Superintendent Steve Bryant told Quick News, “The graffiti and vandalism is what tipped us off.  We have a good protocol in place that we follow when these types of things happen.  We always try to err on the side of safety, at the same we look at how credible the possible threat might be.”

Fire and Police responded as part of the school's protocol.  “Along with law enforcement, we carefully checked the building and once we felt it was safe, we allowed students to return to their classes.”

Bryant also said, “We have a police officer on campus at all times who works closely with us when these types of instances take place.  Our staff did a good job of following the protocol we have set in place and everything went smoothly.”

“We will continue monitoring everything throughout the day and are further investigating the incident.  We have already sent out a message to all of the parents making them aware of today’s possible threat, letting them know the actions we took to ensure the safety of all the students and facility by following the protocol we have set in place.”