BREAKING STORY: UPDATE2: AG explains about membership refund-- Anytime Fitness in New Haven closes their doors

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Update Sept 1. - We spoke with Nanci Gonder, Press Secretary for Attorney General’s Office, earlier this afternoon to find out information regarding the closing of Anytime Fitness.

Gonder said their office was aware and that Jenni Riegal had contacted them before sending out letters to members.  Gonder said, “We did ask Riegal to have members contact our office and file a complaint, so it is formal.”

Riegal had purchased a bond through an insurance company in the event they would go out of business so members who had pre-paid in full would be able to get a refund for the time period after the gym closed and services not available.

Gonder said the State of Missouri was the benefactor on the policy, meaning they, the Attorney General’s Office, would use the “Surety Bond” (insurance policy) to refund members.  Gonder said, "we make this available to customers when a business does go out of business and act as a mutual third party to insure those members who had paid in full receive a refund."

Gonder said, “In order for members who had prepaid to receive a refund to contact their office and also have proof of purchase.  We certainly encourage people to file a complaint so they can receive their refund."

UPDATE Aug 31:  After we had published this article several other people, who are members at the gym, informed us they had received their letter on Aug., 24, 2011.

Anytime Fitness will be closing their doors today after giving some customers only a two-day notice.  A creditable source, whom is only speaking with QNHN, told us at no time prior to Mon., Aug. 29, 2011 had there been any indication Anytime Fitness in New Haven would be going out of business.

Another creditable source who is also only speaking with QNHN said that a letter had been posted back in Dec. 2010 by the owners, Chad and Jenni Riegal, stating that they "would no longer have staffed hours."  This source also said they had to make several phone calls and send several emails just to get Chad Riegal to meet with them and renew their membership.  This member made a one-time payment for a year long membership because by paying in full they would get one month for free.

The Riegals have recently moved to Rolla, Mo. but still own a home in New Haven that they currently rent out. If you would like to call Chad Riegal this is number we have on file; (573) 578-6639

Members did receive by email from Carolyn Baker, Franchise Asset Sales Specialist, offering Anytime Fitness Members “a unique turn-key business opportunity at your current Anytime Fitness Club in New Haven, Mo!...This gives members an exclusive opportunity to own and run the Anytime Fitness franchise at the beautiful New Haven, Mo Location.”  Included in the email was an attached “Offering Profile”.  On the pamphlet it stated “Reason For Selling…Pursuing Other Interests”

In the email sent by Baker there is no indication that if the business were not sold then the New Haven location would close indefinatly.  We have attempted to call Baker, however have not yet received a response.
Her phone number is (651) 438-5086

The letter sent out was dated Aug., 23, 2011 and read as follows:

“Dear Anytime Fitness Member,
We regret to inform that we are forced to close anytime fitness-New Haven on August 31, 2011.

We are cooperating with the Missouri Attorney General’s (AG) office, especially regarding members like you that paid in advance for their memberships.  In order to initiate the process to obtain reimbursement on your remaining balance, you must contact the AG and file an official complaint.  You can do this on their website at or call 1-800-392-8222.

We greatly appreciate your business, and apologize for the short notice and any other hardships this may cause.  If you have any questions, please e-mail us at

We wish you the very best as you continue on your fitness journey.”

The letter was signed by Chad and Jenni Riegel, owners of the New Haven Franchise location.  Click here to view a copy of the letter.

We will be pursuing this matter further and continue to make attempts to speak with Baker as well at the Corporate Office to obtain information regarding the refunding of members who have paid for services that will no longer be available.

Attached is a copy of the letter sent out by the owners as well as the email Baker sent out in July with the “Offering Profile” pamphlet.

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