Byram wins second straight Air Rifle State Championship

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Pictured is 2012 4-H Air Rifle State Champion, Brittany Byram.

Gerald, Mo. - Brittany Byram of Gerald, Mo., a student at Owensville Middle School, is a member of the New Haven 4-H Club who recently competed at Prairie Grove Shooting Range in the Missouri 4-H State Air Rifle competition.  Byram came in as the defending champion with a target on her back and everyone waiting to knock her off.

The State competition was held on Sat., Sept. 15 in Prairie Groove, Mo.  The 14-year-old dominated her age division to win her second straight Air Rifle State Championship.

Byram was not only a dominating force among her age group; she scored better than the senior division, (15-18) giving them something to fear about next year.

Byram began competing in Air Rifle competitions when she was in sixth grade, taking third place her first year at state.

Quick News spoke with Byram about her incredible accomplishment of winning back-to-back State Titles. We quickly noticed how humble she was; unless she was specifically asked about winning a state title she would be the last one to tell you.

Byram said one of her favorite things to do in her spare time is line up soda cans and pick them off one by one with her .22.  Little did she know that one of her “favorite things to do” would lead her to two State Championships.

Byram’s answer to why she liked competing was simple and straight to the point, “because I’m good at it”.  Actions speak louder than words and by winning two State Titles there is no doubt she is “good at it.”

It is fair to say after Byram’s performance at this year's 4-H State Competition that she is one of the best Air Rifle Shooters in the state.

Congratulations Brittany from all of us at Quick News!