Runing camp held at Camp Trinity - High School runners from all over the state in attendance

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Since I began covering news and events in and around the New Haven area, I have discovered many newsworthy stories that have gone unnoticed for years.  News that is important to our community that you deserve to read about.

Today, I found yet another place where people have come from all over the United States to attend a wide array of youth camps, retreats’, and outings right here in New Haven, at Camp Trinity.  Camp Trinity is located about four miles south of New Haven off Highway C.  Nearly every week during the summer there is some type of week long camp being held.

This week, Camp Trinity is hosting the Joe Bill Dixon Running Camp for high school age runners who are participating in cross-country at their school.  Students from as far as Springfield, St. Louis, and Kansas City, Missouri and the state of Iowa have all traveled to attend this week’s camp.

Coach Dixon is well known for his legacy as West Plans High School’s Cross Country coach.  Over a span of 32 years of coaching, Dixon won 18 State Championships.  Dixon’s passion for helping others succeed through hard work and dedication is the driving force behind his Wilderness Running Camp.

The camp allows kids to meet other cross-country runners, as well as take them out of their “comfort zone”.  There are no TVs, video games, computers, or sleep number beds, they all sleep in tents and for a week live a completely different life style than they are accustom to.

Today, I had the privilege of interacting with the campers and watching this morning’s team competition.  The emphasis in each activity is teamwork, with runners encouraged to run as a group instead of trying to be the first back.  Each team ran to a lake, where each member had to kayak from one end to the other.  There was one moment when I saw two girls run around the lake and swim to help their teammate who had over turned her kayak.  After watching them do this, I could see how affective Dixon’s camp was.  Today was the first full day and already campers were thinking like a team and not about themselves.  Click here to view all photos

The camp runs the rest of the week with each day bringing new challenges that will not only make the students better runners, but better people.