Camp Trinity hosts 22nd Annual Joe Bill Wilderness Running Camp

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New Haven, Mo. – This past week Camp Trinity hosted the 22nd Joe Bill Dixon’s Wilderness Running Camp.  Earlier this week we wrote an article about the legendary cross-country coach, Joe Bill Dixon.  Dixon told QNHN, “I do these camps because I love to teach."

Dixon began hosting the “Wilderness Running Camps” in 1990.  During the past 22 years Dixon’s running camp has become highly recognized by coaches across the state as one of the best summer camps for high school runners to attend. (Click here to read the article we wrote about JB Dixon.)

The four-day camp is designed to build self-confidence and motivation, teamwork, character, and as Dixon said, “I want each runner to wake up every morning motivated and say to themself, “I am a runner”.”

The camp is called “Wilderness” for a reason.  Dixon said that part of building a team takes each individual to like his/her teammates, learn to get along, and most importantly be willing to give up anything for the betterment of the team.  One way of teaching this is that every night campers sleep outside in tents where they have to share tents with one another and work together.

After campers arrive they are split into multiple teams.  Throughout the week each team learns to work together by competing against each other in a variety of events.  Aside from the physical aspect of running, campers also learn about mental toughness, leadership and teamwork with the intent of building a strong character.

Clare Roth from New Haven, attended this week's camp.  Pictured: Roth guts it out up a short hill before reaching the finish line.

Dixon said, “My number one thing is teamwork.  That is one topic we try to instill in this young kids.  You cannot survive with an “I” in the team.  When we get to thinking it is “us” who did it, we are on our way to heaven.  When we think by the grace of god and the help of all these teammates, we’re a great team.”

Thursday morning the camp was concluded with a 5K race.  It was set up like a normal cross-country meet where the teams with the lowest score won.

The success and notoriety of the Dixon Wilderness Running Camps as well as Dixon’s coaching achievements are based on his philosophy of life as well as cross-country.  “It’s not whether you win or lose that counts, but how you play the game fairly and decently and consistently, but within the rules, then good things usually happen.”

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Pictured below are the winners of the boys and girls 5K race.