A celebration of the wonder, strength, and beauty of fire

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Photos by Kaylin Bade
The 2011 Fire Fest in downtown New Haven is going on strong until 8:00 this evening.  Pictured above is the cannon firing demonstration that took place on the riverfront.  Below is the cannon preparations.












There are over 15 artist and demonstrator booths at the event.  Below, the children are learning how to make rope.  Matt Soete demonstrated the proper procedures.  In this case, they used baler-twine to make the rope.

Above: the initial rope twisting.  Below: creating the rope.











The Artists and Demonstrators include:
Astral Glass Studio and Gallery (Gary and Judy Rice, Nick Phillips, Lance Stroheker), Front Street Artisans (Alan Bell and assistants), Blacksmiths (David Smith, Kevin Brinker, Pat McCarty), Candlemaker (Maurine Stettes), Rope maker (Matt Soete), Metal Sculptor (Joey Los), Wood carver (Boone Armstrong), the St. Louis Hoop dancers, Storyteller Pablo Baum, the New Haven/Berger Fire Department, Musicians (Babaloo, Thom Palazzola, Blue Gill Buddies Mike and Janelle), Civil War re-enactors (Charles Tullock and Company), World War I re-enactors (Dean Venardos and Pablo Baum), World War II re-enactors (Don Calvin and Company), Antique Fire Engine (Harry Otto and Jim Peters), Clock Demonstrations (Joe Rauth), and the Tractor Rodeo (Joe Rauth, Jesse Smith, and drivers).