Charter Communications moving corporate headquarters out of Missouri

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— The nation’s fourth largest cable operator is moving its headquarters out of Missouri.

Charter Communications announced Tuesday they are relocating their corporate headquarters from St. Louis, Mo., to Stamford, Connecticut, moving nearly 200 jobs out of Missouri.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Charter said while their marketing team and executives will in fact be moving to Connecticut, some of their operation — including accounting, technical, and legal support — will remain in St. Louis.

“It is important to note that St. Louis will continue to be one of our largest markets,” the company said. “Charter’s presence in St. Louis will remain strong.”

Despite its shift out, the company said they anticipate they will be adding “nearly 300 jobs in the area to support our customer service and growth goals.”

In response to an inquiry sent to Gov. Jay Nixon’s office for comment, John Fougere, spokesman for the Missouri Department of Economic Development, highlighted Charter’s public statement anticipating job growth in the coming months.

“As indicated in Charter Communications’ statements, while the company is relocating certain functions, they will be in expansion mode here in Missouri,” Fougere said. “We will continue to work closely with Missouri employers to create new jobs and keep our economy moving forward.”

Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy said Tuesday that Charter’s move was due to the state’s “Next Five” incentive program, which provides tax incentives to encourage companies to relocate and expand in the state.