Chorley appointed to national sales for 3 local news properties

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Brian Chorley has been appointed National Account Executive of (CNL).  He'll also sell ads to national accounts for (MAM) and  Chorley joined CNL in October 2010.  He is also a shareholder in CNL and MAM.

CNL founder and publisher Jeff Noedel said, "Brian is doing a great job of bringing structure to our rate card and our advertising products.  He is very analytical and an excellent researcher.  After beefing-up our impressive roster of local advertisers from the Hermann area, he'll now open-up our sales to regional and national brands, whose decision makers work as far away as New York and California."

Noedel added, "Our audience numbers for CNL are still the highest for any online news outlet in a small town in Missouri.  No small town news outlet has caught up to our independent, third-party scores.  But until we added the New Haven and Montgomery County properties -- and built a little network -- our audience was not large enough to land national advertisers.  In the four months the new properties have been online, our total regional audience is now up as much as 60 percent in some metrics.  It seems like the perfect time to add a national sales department to our local sales department."

Creation of a national sales department is made possible by the early success of publisher Kyle Quick in New Haven and editor Carolyn Gerding in Montgomery County.

Chorley will be wrapping-up local sales for CNL in the coming days.  A permanent local account executive for CNL will be announced soon.