Christmas house tour began and ended with live entertainment

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Pictured: Boeuf Lutheran Junior Bell Choir

New Havne, Mo. - The 25th Annual Candlelight Christmas House Tour began and ended with live musical entertainment.  The New Haven Community Singers, under the direction of Sandy Engelbrecht and Leigh Tenkku and accompanied by Elaine Pehle kicked off the 2012 Christmas House tour with a performance at St. Peter’s United Church of Christ.

The Community Singers’ performance also featured Tony Carosella and Marian Kelly singing a duet to “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.

Pictured: On left Tony Carosella sings duet with Marian Kelly.

The evening was topped off at the Old Maupin Street Schoolhouse with several different entertainers, highlighting Boeuf Lutheran’s Junior Bell Choir under the direction of Wanda Walkenhorst.

When the New Haven Preservation Society first held the Christmas House Tour they had a Bell Choir from Washington come and perform.  While Marian Kelly introduced the young local entertainers she said, “We felt it was only fitting to have a bell choir perform 25 years later”.

This young group of performers made their first public appearance Sunday night.  They had performed during church services numerous times but never in front of a public audience.  They performed holiday tunes such as “Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night”, creating a little holiday cheer that everyone seemed to enjoy.

We will have a story later this week that will feature each of the four houses with lots of photos and the history behind each home including one home that was built in 1880.