City crews working to repair water main break on Arizona Street

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New Haven, Mo. – Despite 20 degree temperatures city crews are working to repair a four-inch water main break on Arizona Street, which occurred around 10:30 p.m. Friday night.  Crews have already been able to dig up and locate where the water line break is.

When people hear “water main break” rarely does this mean a large number of residences will be without water.

Alan Weber explained, “The water mains are all sectioned off, which allows us to turn off a small section so we can fix the water line.  For example in this case we have a shut off valve at Arizona Street and Maupin Street and one at Arizona and New Haven Manor.”

When we spoke with city crews at 11:15 p.m., they estimated about an hour to make repairs.

Working outside during the night in below freezing temperatures is bad enough, add water into the mix and things just got 10 times worse.  Regardless, crews will be out working well into the early morning hours until the water line is repaired.

These are the little things that people rarely know about yet alone read about.  Yes this is their job but perceptions people make, regardless about what, are rarely correct.

Below is the area that the water main break was located.