City urges caution with Water Service Line solicitation

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New Haven, Mo - New Haven city officials are advising residents that the City has no affiliation with a company that is offering water service line insurance to city residents.

City Hall staff has received numerous calls this week regarding a solicitation mailed recently to city residents.

The solicitation comes from a company, HomeServe USA, that offers “Water Service Line Coverage” to residents for a monthly fee.

Some people have mistaken the solicitation as an official notice from the City.

“The City is not affiliated with this company in any way,” said Steve Roth, City Administrator. “We urge residents to be cautious in evaluating solicitations like this.”

Roth said the information that property owners are responsible for maintenance and repair of their exterior water service line is generally correct.  The City is responsible for the water main; the service line connection from the main to the individual residence is the responsibility of the property owner.

The HomeServe USA solicitation offers insurance coverage to pay for maintenance and repair of the individual water service lines, subject to certain terms and conditions.

“It’s possible that this coverage could be helpful to certain property owners,” Roth said. “But we would advise people to read the information very carefully.”

At minimum, Roth suggested, people should read the full terms and conditions, which were not included in the mailing that was forwarded to City Hall.