Claire and Claire tag first deer

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Claire Meyer tages her first deer, nice 8-pointer.  Will dad, Bill Meyer be able to top that on Saturday.
Photo submitted by Sherry Meyer.

By Kyle Quick:

This past weekend was the annual youth hunt and some young  hunters have set the bar pretty high for their mom or dad. Saturday moms and dads will have their opportunity to see if they are as good of hunters as their kids. (More photos below)
Claire Laune tagged her first deer on Sunday, but the difficult shot faced with is even more impressive.

Claire’s dad, Mark Laune will head out early Saturday morning with a little more pressure than years past.

Claire admits, “My dad did spot the deer first.”

Claire said, “The doe was standing between two trees only 7 feet apart and 85 yards away, facing broadside.  My dad thought it was maybe to difficult of a shot with  little margin of error.  Without hesitation I pulled the trigger and done she went.”

After making their way to where to the deer it soon became clear that Claire might have a career as a sniper.  She had made the perfect shot, hitting the doe in the perfect spot, smack dab in the vitals.

Good luck to those moms and dads whose children have added a little extra pressure on you at least tagging a deer. (More photos to be added.)

Dylan Goodwin tagged a nice size doe Sunday afternoon.