CMT's Redneck Rehab 'The Purdy Family'

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Mishele Purdy from blue jeans and t-shirt to stiletto heels and short skirts.
Photos courtesy of CMT

--Seven years ago when Mishele Purdy left her hometown, Berger, Mo, she traded in her camo, rifle, and country ways for stiletto heels, dresses and a lifestyle focusing on her appearance in Miami, Florida.

Since leaving her family, Mishele has shed the life of a little girl she once was to a mature young woman with hopes of becoming a model.   Mishele’s 4-year-old son, Ashton, has no idea about his mom’s childhood.

Her family was left wondering what kind of woman she has become.

They want Mishele to slow down and focus on what's important – her family.

CMT is staging a family intervention in their all-new reality show, Redneck Rehab hosted by Tom Arnold, where they follow former rednecks as family and friends confront them, fearing they have forgotten their country roots.

This Saturday at 9 p.m. Mishele’s family will try to remind her of the little girl she used to be.