Coble "lands" 90-pound Tarpon - Patience pays off for Zobrist

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Photos by Lauren Zobrist

Pictured left to right, Scott Coble with good friend Brad Zobrist, both graduates of New Haven, fights the 90 pound Tarpon.

Boca Grande, Fl. – Thursday afternoon Scott Coble “landed” a 90-pound Tarpon in Boca Grande, Fl.  “Landing” a Tarpon of this size is rarely accomplished by some of the best Tarpon fishermen in the world.  The average size of a male Tarpon is 60-70 pounds and a maximum of 100 pounds.

Pictured is the 90-pound Tarpon Coble "landed".

While Coble was having a successful day, “landing” two Tarpon, Brad Zobrist on the other hand was not however, Zobrist's patients would pay off.

Zobrist went all day without a single bite and then seconds before it was time to reel in their lines…Coble said, “I heard Brad [Zobrist] yell my favorite two words, “Fish On””, and the battle began.

Zobrist “landed” the Tarpon, proving that with a little patients, a bad day can turn into a great day of fishing.

Boca Grande is known as the “Tarpon Capital of the World,” located on Gasparilla Island, in southwest Fl.  This unsurpassed Tarpon domain yields more Tarpon than anywhere else.

Pictured is the Tarpon Zobrist "landed".

The cry "FISH ON" signals the beginning of who can outlast the other.  Coble was able to win the 35-minute fight, battling the 90 lb monster and leaving with an experience of a lifetime.

Tarpon are known for their spectacular jumps and tail walking. When the fish is hooked, the angler may normally expect the fish to "fly" several times before the real battle begins.

Tarpon fishing is the pinnacle in the hunt for big game.  Giant Tarpon are the ultimate aquatic safari and championship of fishing equivalent to the Super Bowl, the World Series, the Daytona 500, Tour de France or the World Cup.

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