College of Ozarks join lawsuit against federal government over Obama Care

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Springfield, Mo.
A Missouri college is joining a lawsuit against birth control mandates in the president’s Affordable Care Act. College of the Ozarks is a small Christian college near Branson. (Below is an article by Cliff Sain, which shines more light on this law suite.)

It and other universities such as Notre Dame and The Catholic University of America contend that the act’s mandate that health insurance coverage include contraception goes against the school’s religious beliefs. College of the Ozarks filed the suit in federal court in Springfield on Monday.

Cliff Sain with the News-Leader in Springfield, Mo. wrote an article yesterday, further explaining why the College of the Ozarks have joined the lawsuit against Obama Care.

In Sain's article he states:

The suit was announced Monday morning at a news conference during which College President Jerry Davis raised his voice on many occasions. He said the federal government health care act will require the school’s insurance to pay for abortions, abortion services and abortion counseling.

“We believe it violates our religious rights as guaranteed by the Constitution,” Davis said.

The school timed it so the lawsuit would be filed Monday, on Constitution Day. To underscore the message, the news conference was held next to a statue depicting John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson kneeling together in prayer and in front of a painting of two hands mending an American flag.

Click here to read the rest of Sain's article that sheds more light on the law suite filed.