Dangerously high temperatures through the weekend - What to do if your AC goes out or event of a power outage

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QNHN spoke with City Officials regarding the resources available to citizens in the event of a power outage, or for those whose air conditioning may stop working.

Steve Roth said, “I spoke with Brad Maune, our EMA director, and he said the Franklin County EMA will set up cooling centers as needed.  Police and EMS personnel have typically checked on people in the past.”

Police Chief John Sheible stated, “I am not aware of anyone with a need at this time.  I spoke with Carol Rauth who operates the New Haven Senior Center and she also is not aware of anyone needing assistance.”

Roth said, “My main concern is in the event of a prolonged power outage.  Our plan in this regard would be to power the Assumption Church Hall to operate as a shelter/cooling center.  One resource available is the United Way’s 211 hotline.  People in need can call this number from a land line for a variety of services; particularly for those who may not be able to pay their electric bill.”

One of the best things citizens can do is check on their neighbors, especially the elderly.  They are less likely to ask for help in fear of bothering someone.

Washington has a cooling center from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Washington Senior Center and the County Seat Senior Center in Union also has a cooling center available to anyone needing a place to go during the day.

Chris Miller said, “Do not hesitate in calling 911 if you need help or if you are aware of someone needing assistance.  We always more than happy to help out anyway we can.”