Do your remember Randy Nadler?

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Editorial by Kyle Quick
Photos by Katie Aichholz

Above Randy Nadler's famous mic in the right hand holding it off to the side.

Two generations of my family have one thing in common while attending school at New Haven.  In fact, this is true for most families.  We all have heard Randy Nadler speak about a country that he visited during the summer.

Nadler has been coming to New Haven for over 30 years; sharing with students about the different types of cultures and lifestyles other people live.  Most of the time reminding us of how lucky we are to have the luxuries we all take for granted; such as electricity, heating and cooling, or never having to worry about whether or not there will be enough food to eat.

Yesterday, Mr. Nadler spoke at both the elementary and high school about his recent visit to Vietnam.

Nadler's trademark for ending an assembly has always been a photo of the sun setting.