Don't miss the wonderous works of Gina Alvarez at the East Central College Art Gallery

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The art gallery exhibit, “A Conversation in Contemporary Craft” is currently being featured at the East Central College Art Gallery in Union.

Artist Gina Alvarez was born in Racine, Wisconsin. She received her B.A. from the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC where she focused her attention on printmaking and costume design. Gina moved to St. Louis in 2000 to pursue her masters in printmaking and drawing at Washington University, where she completed her degree in 2002.

Since graduation, Gina has pursued her interests in the arts both as an artist and an arts administrator. She has exhibited her work extensively in St. Louis as well as Chicago, Washington State, New York, Washington DC and South Carolina. Gina is currently the Gallery and Education Director at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild and Galleries in Clayton, MO.

Gina describes her work as “drift[ing] between the 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional rather easily. There is a liminality that is created between the variance of dimensions, materials and concepts. I am drawn to materials first and foremost and connect my concept to the materials through the making process. Take the doily for example, a form that is rooted in the fiber world, a concept that is charged with domesticity, nostalgia, and hand-work. For me it is a template, a template to work within and repeat, an opportunity to create something that evokes an entirely new experience.”

More information can be found at her website,

Artist Alex Kraft is also currently being featured in conjunction with Alvarez.  Kraft focuses on the intricate surfaces of brightly colored ceramic sculptures, which allude to essences of the physicality of life and the intangible, sometimes spiritual, essence of life shared by all.

The exhibit runs now through this Fri., September 23.