Editorial: Back in the Day - Seniors Decorate for Christmas

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Pictured left to right: Senior Class Vice-President, Abby Menke and President, Ryan Menke, were in charge of delegating operation decoration. (They are not siblings.)

One long-standing tradition at New Haven High School is when seniors are given an afternoon off from classes to decorate for Christmas, mainly “Senior Hallway” and the cafeteria.  There is only one law you must abide by and there are no if, ands, or buts about it, “Do not tape anything to the walls.”

Students spend several months planning and brainstorming ideas of how they plain to add their own personal Christmas touch to the school.  The majority of students all decorate their lockers, wrapping Christmas paper around or adding silly decorations to their locker doors, displaying their own creativity and hoping their locker will stand out from the rest.

Pictured right:  Seniors decorate their own hallway.

Today, seniors spent the afternoon hanging handmade Christmas ornaments from the ceiling, decorating their lockers, some of them were quite hilarious, and of course putting up the Christmas tree.  Now they get to look forward to taking all the decorations down and cleaning everything up before they leave for Christmas break.  Oh how much fun that is.  I found it ironic, my senior year, that there were more students to help put up the decorations than take them down, which is the easy part.

I hope this brings back a few memories you may have had the same way it did for me while I was taking pictures this afternoon.Pictured above: Lance Gerlemann hanging decorations from above the main entrance to the gym and also attempting to give a wink at the camera.