EDITORIAL: Part 2 of 2 - Candlelight House Tour - "One of our best ever"

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Photo above was taken at Bryan and Carol Hebbeler's home by Kyle Quick

The New Haven Preservation Society’s House Tour was a huge hit.  Compared to last year, ticket sales were up by more than 50.  Marian Kelly said, “We had such a great turn out this year, selling 245 tickets.  This is one of our (Preservation Society) biggest fundraisers of the year and we hope that everyone enjoyed the tour.  We would like to especially thank the home owners, without them our house tour would not be possible, to all those who went on the tour, and everyone who donated their time, making this 24th tour one of our best ever.”

The Christmas House Tour has always held a special place in my heart.  When I was younger, every year my brother and I would beg our mom to take us on the tour.  I am not sure if it was because we discovered there would be free cookies at each house or that we just loved Christmas and knew how to use our young innocent smiles to always get a few extra cookies for the road.

If you did not stop by the Old Schoolhouse, you missed out on some really good food. There were all kinds of homemade Christmas cookies, soup, and finger foods.  Aside from the food, you really missed out seeing all the rehab and restoration that has been done to the Old Schoolhouse.

The Schoolhouse was built in 1883 and was used for over a century to educate children of this community, up until 1984.  The first class to graduate was in 1907 and the last high school to graduate was 1965.  During the past 10 plus years, and thanks to donations, fundraisers and hard work by members of the Preservation Society, the restoration continues to progress.

Picture right (left to right): Three retired teachers, Linda Peacut, David Menke, and Marcella McDonald.

All those who helped with this year’s tour gathered at the Old Schoolhouse for a small “After Party”.  They talked about how beautifully decorated the houses were, told stories, laughed, and took time to enjoy each other’s hospitality.  It was an end to a great evening and the 24th year of New Haven’s Candlelight Christmas House Tour.