Edmonds not the only one signing autographs

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Pictured above: Coach Tim Strobel signs an autograph.

Sun., Jan 29, 2012 was the day New Haven’s Basketball Program and the sea of green was enshrined into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame.

This week on QNHN will be “Hall of Fame Week”.  We have several stories about Sunday’s events and two brother-in-laws who share something very special.

Jim Edmonds was not the only one signing autographs yesterday, Coach Tim Strobel and Coach Ray Steinhoff were asked for their autograph by several basketball fans who attended the reception earlier in the day.

Below Coach Ray Steinhoff takes time to sign an autograph.Pictured below: Two eras of Shamrock Basketball. Left to right: Coach Gordon Sulltrop guided New Haven to State Titles in 1957, 1958, and 1959; almost 49 years later Coach Ray Steinhoff led New Haven to State Titles in 1997, 1999, and 2001.  Two coaches whom account for six of the schools eight titles during a century of Shamrock Basketball.