Excessive Heat Warning 98 degress already at 10 a.m. – Few tips to prevent over heating

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An excessive heat warning remains in effect throughout the day.

There are a few things to keep in mind when temperatures are dangerously high.  If you don't have to be outside don't.  Drink a lot of water.  The most import fact about staying hydrated is pre-hydration.  If you have to be outside today it is imperative you are well hydrated before beginning any work.  While you are outside you must continue to drink water frequently to replenish what you sweat off.  The absolutely worse beverage to drink on a day like today is anything containing caffeine.  Caffeine acts similar to that of a diuretic or water pill.

Eat a light lunch that includes some fruit.  Stay away from all types of fast food that is fried or contains large amounts of fat.

Import signs or symptoms that indicate heat exhaustion:  Muscle cramps, weakness or light headed, and vomiting or feeling sick to your stomach.  If you begin to experience any of these signs find shade to sit in, continue to drink water in small amounts, cold towel around your neck, and if you have a hat on take it off.  If your symptoms do not improve call 911 right away. 

Potential life threatening signs of a heat stroke include:  You stop sweating, confused or disoriented, or extreme weakness and/or fainting.  Immediately call 911, move to a shaded area, do not eat anything and sip very small amounts of water.

In any of these situations you want to prevent from cooling down to fast, meaning tha if you begin to shiver, this is not something you want.  This is the body’s way of producing heat to help keep you warm.

For more information on beating the heat please visit the Department of Health or contact your primary doctor.

Disclosure Quick News LLC is not liable regarding tips provided above on prevention of heat related emergencies and we advise you to contact a professional for more information.  This article is only informational and was not provided by any medial professional.