Exclusive Coverage:--CORRECTION MADE IN INITIAL STORY--Planning and Zoning Commission refuse to amend permit for business conducted out of a home -- License will continue to be required

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News Coverage and Story by Brittany Menke-Technical Writer.

The Planning and Zoning Commission meeting was held tonight at city hall.  The commission elected Jason Addison as Chairman, David Burke as Vice-Chairman, and Ben Vedder as Secretary.

The commission approved the request to use part of 115 Front Street, a building in the commercial district of New Haven, for residential purposes.

Next, there was a Certificate of Appropriateness application for 1102 Cottonwood.  The Certificate of Appropriateness is a document sating that the proposed work is appropriate for the historic district and meets local code criteria.  The application was approved with six yeses and two nays.

The commission decided to continue the discussion on the Permanent and Temporary Signage code until next meeting.

The final order of business was to discuss a Home Occupation Code Amendment, an amendment concerning the requirements for businesses that are ran from their homes.

Steve Roth, City Administrator, had expressed to the committee previously that an amendment be made concerning permits for homeowners who wish to do any type of business out of their homes be changed.

We misinterpreted and inaccurately reported the Commission's decision regarding A Home Occupations Permit.
The Commission did agree with Roth, that Home Occupation Permits that relate to conducting business out of a home when there is no customer traffic, no signs, no deliveries, generally computer-based, etc. will be permitted “by right” and no permit will be required. Changing the code requires a Public Hearing, ordinance, etc., which will likely be held next month.

The Commission did not change their stands on the issue and decided that residential businesses should require a license.

For clarification; The Commission did agree to Roth's recommendation with regards to Home Occupation Permits.  The requirements for businesses to apply for a business licenses is still required, which is different from a Home Occupation Permit.

NOTE:  The error was not made by Brittany Menke, rather by Kyle Quick-Publisher