Exclusive interview with Navy AME Kleinheider

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Video by Crystal LaRose

I had the distinct privilege of speaking with Shane Kleinheider this evening.  Kleinheider, a graduate of New Haven High School, accompanied by his wife Rachel Kleinheider returned home on Monday while on temporary leave from the Navy.  He was greeted with a warm welcome from family, friends and 2 year old daughter Riley.

Kleinheider had just returned from a 6 month deployment on the USS Carl Vinson 70 stationed in the Gulf.  Kleinheider’s rank is a AME (Aviation Instructional Mechanic of Safety Equipment) where he works on ejection seats and air condition system for the F-18 Super Hornet.

QNHN would like to thank Shane for the exclusive interview this evening and for his service for our country.  It was an honor speaking with him and I wish him and his family a safe flight back to Virginia.