Exclusive question and answer interview lastnight with Franklin County Fair queen and her court

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Pictured left to right is Kimberly Emery, Rachel Buenemann, and Katie O,Rear.

Last night I had a chance to sit down with the Franklin County Fair Queen and her court for an exclusive question and answer interview.  It was a neat experience for me to interact with them and see each their personalities.  They were a very energetic and fun group to be around.

Katie O'Rear was crowned queen, Rachel Buenemann selected as 1st Alternate, and Kimberly Emery chosen as Miss Congeniality and 2nd Alternate.

Q – What has this experience and being crowned queen meant to you?

O’Rear - From the beginning I could tell this was going to be a life changing event.  Each girl is so awesome and I got to know them all and am so honored just to be in the same court as these girls.  Becoming queen and being a role model for the Union FFA chapter is probably one of the greatest accomplishments I have ever achieved.

Q – What does it mean to you to be chosen Miss Congeniality?

Emery - I think it is a great honor knowing that people just appreciate you being around and well liked enough has been a great experience and I feel honored.

Q – Before the queen contest began you had never met any of the contests.  What has it meant to you meeting and getting to know all the other girls?

Buenemann – It has been a fun process, we have got to do so many different activates, we did a community service project and was on News Channel 5.  We have got to know each other very well and I am so happy to be on court with Katie.

Q – What is your role as being Miss Franklin County Fair Queen?

O’Rear – To be a role model to young agriculturist and hopefully inspire them to achieve goals they set.  We also go around hand out awards and so up to all the activities.

Q – Being crowned queen of the Franklin County Fair, where do you go to compete next.

O’Rear – I will be going to the Missouri State Fair where I will compete against 60 other girls for the title of Miss Missouri State Fair.  I am really looking forward to the experience and know it will be a lot of fun.

Q –Do you feel like a celebrity?

Buenemann – (Laughing) Oh my gosh yes we have this golf cart that takes us everywhere.  In all honesty though we are just like everyone else.  All we have is a shiny crown on.

Q – Favorite color?

O’Rear – Purple
Emery – Blue
Buenemann – Yellow

Q – Favorite junk food?

O’Rear – Ice cream Snickers bar
Emery – Peanut M&M’s
Buenemann – Corndog