"Facebook Fix" passed by the House -- Will Nixon sign it into law?

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Missouri News Horizon
- By a vote of 139 to 2, the Missouri House of Representatives passed the "Facebook Fix" Friday morning, changing a controversial social media provision in a larger student protection bill.

The bill now heads to the desk of Gov. Jay Nixon, who can choose to either sign or veto the bill that alters the recently approved Amy Hestir Student Protection Act.

Although the act easily passed through the General Assembly earlier this year, a number of teachers' groups challenged a provision that was interpreted to mean teachers could not friend students on Facebook.

It was originally written to help protect students from inappropriate sexual conduct from staff, but teachers argue that it limits their ability to use the popular social networking site as an educational issue.

The modified language would give local districts more leeway in establishing individual faculty social media policies to better fit their schools.

There is some question though about whether Nixon will sign the bill. The revised language is technically outside the governor's call for a special session.

His original agenda directed the legislature only to remove the social media provision from the bill, not rewrite it.