Facebook message is not TRUE - No such events have occurred

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Apparently there is a post by an unknown individual on Facebook about a blue minivan traveling around the area, stopping at homes and asking to clean their carpets.  The Facebook post goes on to state these individuals are “beating people up”. This is not true according to officials.

We spoke with Assistant Chief of the New Haven Police Department this morning.  Dan Terry said, “ I have contacted the Gasconade and Franklin County Sheriffs’ departments as well as the Hermann Police Department this morning and none of these agencies have received any reports regarding what has been posted on Facebook.”

The Facebook message reads, “To all my FB friends and family be on the lookout! Just got this text at 6 pm on 2/15 from a friend who lives within 10 mile radius:

"There's a blue minivan in the area trying to clean carpets - beating people up, pushing their way in homes-just happened on185, hitting several homes.  Latest Update: Toward Beaufort end. They were in Leslie at three different houses yesterday, hwy CC, and Hermann. Just keep your eyes open and post anything you see.”

It may be possible that salesman are wanting home owners to allow them to clean their carpets in an attempt to sell their product, however their have not been any reports of individuals “pushing their way in homes” or “beating people up”.

To reiterate the message traveling through Facebook is not true and no incidents have occurred as the Facebook message indicates.

If you are suspicious about any type of activity you witness call 911, do not post something on Facebook.  Let authorities take care of doing the investigation.

If there is information the public should be aware of the authorities will contact the media and we will be able to inform citizens with the accurate information.