Fire crews respond for flue fire - Flames spotted by neighbor coming from flue

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This evening at 6:11 p.m. the New Haven Berger Fire Department responded to the 200 block of Locust Street for a report of an active flue fire.

Deputy Chief Brad Maune was the first to arrive on the scene and confirmed the initial report.  Maune said, “When I first arrived noticeable embers were still coming out of the chimney”.

We spoke with a neighbor who called 911 after he spotted flames shooting from the top of the chimney.

The homeowner said that they had just added fresh firewood to their fireplace in the basement.  She said the neighbor who called 911 came and told them what he saw and that he had called 911.

Firefighters immediately removed the burning firewood from the fireplace.

Two other firefighters made access to the roof, confirming there was no longer any fire inside the flue.  They also used their thermo-imaging camera to insure there were no “hot spots” or areas inside the flue that may still be burning.

Maune said, “I am not sure what caused the flue fire, the flue itself was for the most part clean.  Our crew on the roof was not able to find any creosote build up, which is generally the cause of most flue fires.”

New Haven Police and EMS departments also responded to assist.