Fire Prevention Week -- R-2 and New Haven Schools praised on fire drill

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Pictured above:  Brian Strubberg speaks to students at R-2 about fire safety.

Each year during Fire Prevention Week, The New Haven/Berger Fire Department conducts a fire drill at each of the three schools, R-2 School, New Haven Elementary, and New Haven High School, as well as both pre-schools, Lil Shamrocks and ABCs & 123s.

Every year students in grades 1 – 6 compete in a poster contest by hand-drawing and coloring a poster, promoting that year’s campaign. This year the National Fire Protection Association’s theme is “Protect Your Family From Fire”.

This morning firefighters visited each school, announcing the winners of the poster contest as well as conducting a fire drill. Assistant Chief Brian Strubberg said, "once we set off the fire alarm we begin timing to see how long it takes to evacuate all the students from the building and for each student to be accounted for.  We also walk through the building checking all the emergency lighting; making sure fire extinguishers have been serviced and watching the overall drill making sure students are being evacuated to a safe place."

Strubberg said, “Both New Haven Elementary and R-2 school had all of their students evacuated within two minutes.  Two minutes has always been a standard we have gone by and emphasized to the schools.”