First day of school at East Central College

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Today’s weather was enjoyed by all on the campus of East Central College as students returned for their first day back to school.  Incoming freshmen, sophomores, and untraditional students alike were buzzing about the new school year and the success they hope to find in their studies on campus. 

QNHN spoke with Jessica Luechtefeld, 19 of Leslie about her first day as a college student.  She stated that she was very impressed with the new administration building, and currently that is her favorite physical part of the campus.  Her least favorite part today was parking.  She is most excited about her Psychology class and is “excited to learn more about how the mind works”.  Luechtefeld is a nursing major and is a 2011 graduate of Union High School. 

The Student Government Association hosted a free BBQ with complimentary soda on the Multipurpose Patio from 10 am through 2 pm to welcome students to the campus.  The area was bustling with students, and music could be heard from the area across the quad. 

As can be imagined, the first day is most hectic for the educators.  We spoke with Music Instructor and Director of Bands, Aaron Bounds of Washington about the upcoming semester.  He said that the first day was wonderful; getting all of the 40 music majors in line for the semester, meeting 200 students, and he is hoping for more.  Bounds’ semester teaching schedule includes Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, Music Theory Fundamentals, two Music Appreciation courses, Private Trombone Lessons, Concert Band at St. Louis University, and Concert Band at ECC.  Community members are invited to join the Concert Band and should contact Bounds for more information.  They are looking to perform their first Concerto Concert on October 25th and on November 1st the Jazz Band will be performing harder music than ever before. 

The Art Department and the Words in Motion series will be featuring a Photography Exhibition Featuring the Work of Bill Hatcher Mon., Sept. 12 through Fri., Oct 7.  The award-winning American photographer has spent 25 years photographing adventure, science and exploration around the world. His photos have appeared in National Geographic, Smithsonian, Outside magazine, Newsweek, and GEO.  authored The National Geographic Field Guide to Adventure Photography.

Math instructor Shaun Roberson said about the first day of school, "The first day is always interesting to observe/be a part of.  There are a lot of people finding their way, so we try to be as helpful as possible with that.  You see parents on campus; it's good that they are involved."  Roberson has 150 students this semester and is teaching Introductory Algebra, College Algebra, and Calculus I.  He agrees with student Luechtefeld that everyone should tour the remodeled administration building which houses the school library, and Learning Center.