First time this season Rock's top four run under 20 minutes

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Photos by Kyle Quick

Washington, Mo. – This morning the Shamrocks ran in the Borgia Invitational at Big Driver.  This is one of the few, if not only course the Rocks will run that is comparable to the “beast” of a course in Jefferson City at the State Meet.

The Rocks had a lot to prove today after their subpar performance this past Tuesday at Owensville.  Coach John Tucker said, “I really was not happy with how we ran.”  Tucker gave his team the day off on Thursday, he said, “I think they needed a day off, not because they were tired physically but instead mentally.”

This morning on a much tougher course than Owensville’s, all four runners finished under 20 minutes.  Seth Schenck broke the 18 min mark today running an impressive 17:37. Dominick Pataky had a very good race finishing with a time of 18:27.  Zach Grater was the Rock’s number three runner, crossing the finish line at 19:25.

The past three weeks Will Smith has been in a bit of a slump.  After the Rocks ran at Jefferson Barracks Coach Tucker said he was going to change Smith’s workout to help build up his leg strength.  Smith’s hard work the past few weeks was seen in this morning’s race.  Smith finished the race with a time of 19:41, his best time this year on one of the toughest courses.  

Pictued right in green: Will Smith.

We spoke with Smith afterwards about today’s race.  Smith said, “I felt like I ran well today.  I did a better job of using the down hills to pick up speed, but looking back I wish I would have ran harder going up the hills.”  Smith also said that he has never been a big fan of races, but now he is starting to like the competition side of running and was happy that he ran his fastest race of the year.

Coach Tucker said, “I am really happy with everyone’s performance today…having all four of our runners under 20 minutes on such a difficult course.  I hope we can carry this momentum into Tuesday’s conference meet.”

The Rock’s will have their finial race before districts this Tuesday at Owensville for the Four Rivers Conference Meet.  The race will be held at the golf course and the boys team will run at 4 p.m.Pictured above is Seth Schenck as he approaches the finish line.

Pictured left: Dominick Pataky