Five HADH Employees Celebrated for Years of Service

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Pictured left to right: Liz Stiers, Director of Admissions and Business Office with 35 years of service.  Anne  Jacobi, Clinic director of Associated Medical Arts with 25 years, Kim Kolks, LPN nursing with 25 years, Dan McKinney, HADH Administrator, Margaret Romaker, Ward Clerk with 25 years, and Lisa Heying, LPN director of home health 30 years of service.

Friday, Sept. 26 Heramann Ared District Hospital Dan McKinney along with hospital staff celepbrated five employeess who have been with HADH for over 25 plus years.

A luncheon was held to celebrate and thank Liz Stiers, Anne, Jacobi, Kim Kolks, Margaret Romaker, and Lisa Heying for their hard work and dedication to HADH.

Each employe was also given a gift representing Hermann Area District Hospital Administraters' appreciation for all they have done.

Lisa and Liz received pearl necklaces and a potted mum. Margaret, Kim, and Anne each received a potted mum.

Thank you for giving HADH these years of service.