Flames seen from roof of Henniges Automotive - Maintenance and fire crews contain fire

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New Haven, Mo. – Monday night at 10:59 p.m. New Haven/Berger Fire initially was dispatched to Hennings Automotive for a fire alarm sounding.  Minutes later fire crews were re-dispatched for a first alarm commercial structure fire after New Haven Police advised flames could be seen and evacuation was in progress.  Washington Fire Department’s ladder truck was also dispatched along with one pumper to assist.

When fire crews arrived employees had been evacuated and a light amount of smoke could be seen coming from inside the building, the same area where the fire originated.

Assistant Fire Chief Brian Strubberg said, “The smoke stack that caught fire was located on their salt line which is part of the cure process for rubber.  Water has the opposite affect forcing the use of dry chemical fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire.”

Pictured is Assistant Fire Chief Brian Strubberg.

Hennings’ maintenance personnel were on the roof as fire crews arrived spraying “dry chem” down the stack while flames could be seen.

Strubberg said, “The first company arrived confirmed we had fire outside the stack and it had been “knocked down” by their maintenance personal.  We did have crews enter the building and with the use of their thermo-imagine camera were able to confirm that the fire was contained inside the stack.”

“We also used Washington’s ladder truck to access the roof.  We did have a small area of roof membrane burning, which Washington’s fire crews was able to easily extinguish.”

Strubberg noted how smoothly everything went, particularly the teamwork between Henniges’ maintenance personnel and fire crews were able to contain the fire within the smoke stack.

Fire crews cleared the scene shortly after midnight and employees were able to reenter the building.

Pictured Washington Fire Department's ladder truck.