Franklin County R-II second graders perform The Bremen Town Musicians

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Photos by Kyle Quick
Thursday morning Mrs.Hesemann’s second grade class at R-II, performed a play titled The Bremen Town Musicians.  Hesemann said, “We do this activity as part of our reading curriculum.  It is a fun project for students during the last few weeks of the school year.”

Students spent nearly two weeks preparing for Thursday’s big performance in front of family members and friends, receiving a standing ovation for their performance.

The class was split into two groups, one group of students performed on Monday and the second group on Thursday.

Monday’s characters were played by:
Darren Armfield – Donkey
Natalie Covington – Cat
Chamber Gillette – Dog
Allyssa Taylor – Rooster
Marcus Brown – Bass
Hunter Brown – Muscles
Ava Vandergriffe – Curly
Claire Scheer – Ace
Brayden Lensing – Storyteller

Thursday’s characters were played by:
Haylie Hudson – Donkey
Samuel Scheer – Dog
Lexi Feldmann – Cat
Adam Homeyer – Rooster
Marcus Brown – Bass
McKenna Tyree - Muscles
Ava Vandegriffe – Curly
Brayden Lensing - Storyteller