Franklin County Sheriff's Office organizes sex offender compliance team

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The Franklin County Sheriff's Office recently took great strides to insure that local, registered sex offenders are abiding by the law and are keeping their records updated.

The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and members of the US Marshal’s Service from the St. Louis Office recently organized a team of investigators to check compliance of individuals in Franklin County who are listed on the Sex Offender Registration List.

Marshals, Franklin County Detectives, Franklin County Drug Task Force Deputies, and a Union Police Officer organized multiple teams to locate individuals on the list and verify current information to determine if they were in compliance with their requirements.  Deputies from the St. Charles County Regional Computer Crimes Education and Enforcement Group provided equipment and also participated in the event search warrants would be required for computer forensics.

Overtime and funding for the project was provided by the Marshal’s Service.  The compliance check began this Tuesday and ended Thursday evening.

Out of 217 registered sex offenders in Franklin County, contact was made with 203.  The 217 number includes those offenders who are registered that live within a city limits or incorporated area.  The compliance teams provided packets to the local law enforcement agencies of offenders in their area to check compliance.  130 offenders lived in unincorporated Franklin County.  87 lived within an incorporated city limits.

In total, 5 individuals were arrested for misdemeanor charges.  It was determined that two individuals had passed away, and two were in a nursing home that had not registered.  Three had moved out of state and 7 were located out of Franklin County.  In all, 17 were not in compliance either by providing a wrong address, incorrect phone number, or not updating their current employment.