Franklin County's ERT makes forcible entry -- Locate subjects hiding inside a couch

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Last week on Tues., Oct. 11 during a police chase on Rye Creek Road, eight miles south of St. Clair, a deputy with Franklin County was involved in an accident during the chase.  Deputies were unable to locate the vehicle afterwards.

Two days later on Thur., Oct. 13 deputies were able to determine who the driver of the fleeing vehicle was and able to locate the subject, Cameron Shinkle, at his residence on Rye Creek Road. 

The Sheriff’s Department’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) was dispatched after deputies had made several attempts to make contact with Shinkle, who refused to come out of his residence.  It was reported that a second subject was inside with Shinkle as well.  This subject was believed to have been in a prior pursuit with deputies that involved a weapon about one month ago.

The Sheriff’s ERT made forcible entry and were able to locate Shinkle and the second subject in the basement.  The suspects had ripped out the insides of a couch where both subjects were found hiding together.  The two subjects resisted arrest, forcing officers to deploy tasers in order to subdue both subjects. 

Shinkle is currently being held on $175,000.00 bond for assaulting law enforcement and several other charges.  The second subject arrested is identified as a 23-year old white male from Rye Creek.  He was taken in to custody for resisting arrest and municipal charges.