Delegates from New Haven's sister city Borgholzhausen visit first German class being taught at New Haven

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Photos by Kyle Quick

Pictured above:  David Menke speaks to New Haven High School German Class

New Haven willkommen Delegierten aus Deutschland.

This past Fri., Oct. 7 New Haven’s German-American Club visited New Haven High School and Mandy Sullentrup’s German Class.  It has been a goal of the German-American Club to have a German Language class be in the high school curriculum.

This year is the first time there has been a German language class offered at the high school level.  The German-American Club’s efforts have been instrumental in making this possible and for New Haven able to have a second foreign language class.  The club made a generous donation of 2000 dollars to help with the purchase of textbooks and materials needed for the class.

Thur., Oct. 6 a delegation of 16 residents from Borgholzhausen arrived in New Haven. The group included the mayor of Borgholzhausen, Klemens Keller and the president of their community's German-American Club, Lothar Rophol.

They were welcomed with a banquet that evening at the Assumption Catholic School gymnasium.  They also received a formal welcome from city officials and enjoyed a catered dinner with their New Haven host families.

Pictured right: President Lothar Rphol talks to students about Borgholzhausen

This past Fri., Oct. 7 several members of the delegation from Germany along with members of New Haven’s German-American Club payed visit to Sullentrup’s class.  David Menke spoke to students about New Haven’s partnership with our sister city Borgholzhausen and New Haven’s rich German heritage.

Menke said that on April 17, 1994 in a ceremony at Borgholzhausen’s city hall 53 people from New Haven signed a partnership agreement, establishing Borgholzhausen as New Haven’s official sister city in Germany.

President Rophol, an English teacher in Germany, addressed the class about the city of Borgholzhausen and their travel experience to New Haven.  Rophol said, “It took us over 10 hours… flying into Atlanta…it is very busy there going through customs, being questioned about anything and everything, having our fingerprints and picture taken (laughter).”

Pictured left: President Lothar Rophol gives Mandy Sullentrup a map of Borgholzhausen.

Rophol presented Sullentrup a large map of Europe as well as a map of Borgholzhausen as an offering of friendship and excitement to see German being taught at New Haven High School.

Saturday morning the German visitors and a group of local club members left on an eight-day Mid-American bus tour of the southeastern United States. After they return, the local German-American Club members will spend several days guiding the group on tours of the Lake of the Ozarks and St. Louis. A farewell banquet will be held at Robller Winery on Wednesday evening, Oct. 19.  The Germans will then return home to Europe the following day, Oct 20.

Pictured below:  Some of the delegates from Germany who visited New Haven High School