Governor gives $3.3 million for levee repair

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Missouri News Horizon
– Although it’s making progress, Missouri is a far way from fully fixing all of the state’s damaged Missouri River levees before next spring’s flood season.

On Friday, Gov. Jay Nixon announced $3.3 million in community development block grants to assist seven levee districts along the river repair and rebuild the levees damaged by last year’s flood. The districts are located in Buchanan, Carroll, Holt and Platte counties.

“I’m pleased to announce that my administration is making more than $3.3 million available to help local communities meet their share of the costs associated with Army Corps of Engineers efforts to repair and rebuild these levees,” Nixon said.

The block grants will help levees in the northwestern part of the state that were most dramatically impacted by the rising waters from last year’s flood, but there are still dozens of levees up and down the river that the Army Corps of Engineers say will not be refurbished by the beginning of the spring snow melt in the upper plains and Rocky Mountains, with inadequate funds coming from Washington.

The Corp itself said that it will forgo the annual artificial “Spring Rise” of the Missouri River in 2012 in order to help keep water levels down and avoid additional flooding this year.

The levee districts receiving block grants from the state applied late last year for grants to cover either the 20 percent local cost share required under the Army Corps of Engineers’ maintenance program, or for the entire cost if the levee district is not part of the Corps’ system. One of the districts withdrew its request because it was able to get full funding.

Of the remaining ten applicants, Gov. Nixon today announced seven that are being awarded grants. The remaining three applications are still pending approval, but are expected to be awarded their requested funds after the approval process is complete.

Photo above courtesy of Governor's Office.