Governor Jay Nixon presents agricultural achievement award to Scheer Dairy Farm

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Photos by Kyle Quick
Gov. Nixon presents Rick Scheer The Agricultural Achievement Award

New Haven, Mo. – Tuesday morning, Governor Jay Nixon recognized Rick Scheer and the Scheer Family Dairy Farm with the Governor’s Award for Agricultural Achievement, which honors outstanding farmers, growers, and processors for their work with agricultural commodities and their communities.

Earlier this year, The Missouri Dairy Association (MDA) and the Missouri Dairy Growth Council (MDGC) celebrated June Dairy Month at the Scheer Dairy Farm, recognizing dairy farms across the state.

Gov. Nixon was given a tour of the facilities, getting a firsthand look at how the robotic system functions.  Nixon spent an extensive amount of time speaking with Rick Scheer, asking several questions in order to have a better understanding of how technology could change the milking industry in the near future.

Pictured Rich Scheer (right) explains how the robotic milking system works to Gov. Nixon.

In June of 2011, The Scheer Dairy Farm revolutionized the milking process and the future of the dairy industry.  Milking of cows by hand is a thing of the past; the use of cutting edge technology is the present for Scheer Diary.

Robotic-milkers, as they are referred to, are literally robots that milk the cows twenty-four hours a day. The system also provides each cow with a specialized ration during milking, monitors each animal’s weight, and benefits the cows by ensuring a calmer milking environment.

Gov. Nixon said, “Agriculture has always been, and will always be, the heart of Missouri’s economy, and dairy farmers like Rick Scheer are a big part of the reason why.  Missouri farmers not only feed the world, they create jobs, support their communities and our economy.”

Rick Scheer said, “It is quite humbling to receive this…it is my name on the award but it really should be Scheer Dairy Farm.  It is definitely a family operation that gets it done, day in and day out.  It is not what we’ve done, but what we've been able to orchestrate. We appreciate the honor and accept it with a lot of gratitude.”

Pictured: The Governor mentioned that he had personally written an excuse for school.  He jokingly told Claire and Ellie (Daughters of Rick and Cindy) if they get into trouble that he wants to personally hear about it and would send one of the state troopers over, which drew laughter from those in attendance.

Gov. Nixon concluded his speech by saying, “Missouri farmers, like Rick Scheer and the team at Scheer Family Dairy Farm, are among the most productive, most innovative producers in the world, and we are proud to recognize their outstanding contributions to our state.”

Kathy and Eugene “Gene” Scheer were both shocked when they discovered that Gov. Nixon was coming to their farm.

Gene said, “I appreciate the award, but that was not the idea when we bought the milking system.  Receiving the award will not change anything from what we did yesterday or what we will do tomorrow.”

“We are just us, milking cows in a little bit different way, and for them to make a big deal out of this, well we still get up every morning and put our pants on one leg at a time no differently than anyone else,” Kathy said.

Kathy added, “To me it is the Governor coming, oh my goodness why.  We’re just ordinary people who milk cows with this technology…I mean thank you, we appreciate it.  We are nothing special, we’re just us.”

The Scheer family pictured left to right: Gene, Rick, Claire, Cindy, Ellie, and Kathy Scheer.