Great ball of fire burn baby burn

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New Haven, Mo. – During the past few Fire Fests in New Haven, people have been amazed by the “Burning House of Ice”. This year the Riverfront Art District wanted to end Fire Fest with an even bigger bang.

We ended Monday morning’s article, “Great Balls of Fire”, by briefly mentioning the conclusion of Fire Fest 2012.

Thursday morning the “Crazy Crew” constructed a 30-foot tall man-like figure, using bales of straw to cover its metal figure. The mammoth beast could easily be seen from the levy across the river on a sandbar.

Saturday night, Quick News had an exclusive opportunity to ride along in the Lock-N-Load boat where Jessie Gerlt and Max Lawton shot flaming arrows, igniting the 30-foot beast, as spectators watched the “Man Sculpture” burn.

We would like to thank Lock-N-Load’s Jessie Gerlt and Max Lawton for letting us ride along, Capt. Steve Weiser for getting us back safely, Matt Frankenberg who helped with lighting the flaming arrows, and last but not least, Lance Stroheker who shot off fireworks.

Here is a short video of our view as we watched the “Burning Man Sculpture”.