Great Balls of Fire

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Notice the face in the fire at the top of the photo.
Photos by Kyle Quick

New Haven, Mo.
– Saturday in downtown New Haven, the Riverfront Arts District held the 5th Annual Fire Fest.

Fire Fest was Missouri Life Magazine’s featured event for November and December.  The event was also featured on the Fox 2 Morning Show with Tim Ezell and was the center of attention this weekend.

When people hear "Hermann" they think of Oktoberfest.  When people hear "New Haven" they are beginning to think Fire Fest.  The only difference is, there is only one Fire Fest and it is in Downtown New Haven, Mo.

Fire is the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion…blah, blah, blah.  Forget about the science behind fire and think about what can be built and burned; yet create entertainment an entire family can enjoy.  If you asked the “Fire Fest Crazy Crew” they would say:

Build the walls of a “House” using 12,000 pounds of ice, then stack wood inside and douse it with a highly combustible liquid multiple times throughout the day.

When the sun goes down, set the wood on fire and have fire dancers amaze the hundreds of spectators as they wait to see how long the “Burning House of Ice” will last.

Then take a pumpkin, light it on fire, and chuck the flaming pumpkins into the river, using a Trebuchet, which is similar to a highly sophisticated slingshot.

This year the “Crazy Crew” wanted to add something new.  A grand finale people would still be talking about weeks from now.

It was not some fancy fireworks show or a magic trick when they set a man on fire; instead it was 30 times better because the grand finale included both of those plus flaming arrows.

Find out what we are talking about later this evening plus a live recorded video you will only see on Quick News brought to you by Lock N Load.

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