Great day for New Haven - Nixon praises New Haven's strong and dedicated workforce

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New Haven, Mo. – Governor Jay Nixon made the announcement today at Henniges Automotive facility in New Haven, Mo. expects to create 200 new jobs.

Nixon said, “If you needed any more proof of Missouri’s leading rebirth in the auto industry in America this is it. [Henniges Auto]  When CNN money put out it’s list of the top ten entrepreneurial states in America.  They talked about Missouri and it’s number six ranking. To quote them, they said, “Move over Detroit, the big guns of manufacturing have turned sweet on Missouri”.”

Henniges Automotive currently employs approximately 260 workers in New Haven, where the company manufactures automotive sealing system components.

A major supplier for General Motors, Henniges Automotive will be supplying its sealing products for GMC, Cadillac and Cheverlet full-size pick-up trucks and SUVs

Henniges will be adding the additional production line at the New Haven Facility to meet the increased production demand.  The company is also purchasing new equipment, including molding presses and robotic coating systems, while planning to hire 200 new employees over the next six to nine months.

Nixon visits with Henniges employees.

QNHN asked Gov. Nixon, “What can be done to prevent manufactures such as Harman from closing down.”

Nixon said, “Missourians are hard workers.  They get up early to work and stay late and when you have a facility like Henniges with a very mature work force.  The average years workers stay here is far more than ten years…a very skilled committed workforce.”

Nixon praised Henniges employees for their commitment and dedication of coming to work everyday.  Nixon said, “Over 59% of the workers at this facility have a 100% number of times they have shown up for work.”

More to come on today’s uplifting news for the City of New Haven.