Quick Thought: Greater St. Louis Honor Flight - True American Heroes

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No words can be used to describe these photos.

By Kyle Quick:
I hope all of our readers take the time to read this article, however unfortunately, because there is not anything burning and it is not some type of breaking news, most won't.

Sunday, December 7, 1941, “A date which will live in infamy--The United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan.", Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The devastating attack on Pearl Harbor, which was the beginning of WWII, would end up creating the greatest generation of men and women our country will ever see.

Two St. Louis women, who were passionate about ensuring our local veterans had a chance to see the WWII Memorial in Washington D. C., created the Greater St. Louis Honor Flight in 2009.

Since their inception, the GSLHF has flown twenty-two Honor Flights with more than 550 veterans.  Time is of the essence to make sure as many veterans as possible are given the opportunity to visit the memorial that honors those who gave their lives and those who survived defending our freedom.

I was informed the three gentlemen to the right are refered to as "The Three Stuges"  Supposedly they were asked to not be so loud during the flight.  I could not officially confirm this.

“The Greater St. Louis Honor Flight’s Mission is simple.  Safely transport World War II veterans to see their National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C. as quickly as possible. Because we are losing our veterans at a frightening pace – more than 900 a day nationally.”

If you know a veteran, there is information below about how they can be a part of this amazing opportunity and go on an honor flight.  There is no cost - everything is paid for.

Life changing experience
Wednesday, I had the distinct honor of greeting veterans as they returned from Washington D.C.  Men and women from Scott Air Force Base lined up, saluting each American hero as they exited the airplane.

At the same time, everyone in the concourse cheered and thanked each veteran for his or her service.  “We never thought twice about going to war and risking our lives. We just did it,” one veteran said.

I thought to myself, “I am shaking the hand of heroes; these men are the sole reason I was able drive to Lambert simply because I wanted to”, it is also why I am able to write this article.  We never think twice about these things.

The opportunity of meeting these brave veterans and the honor of shaking their hand will never be topped throughout the rest of my life.

I could meet the President of the United States regardless of who that may be, and it would have no impact of comparison on my life after my experience Wednesday night.

I used to think how cool it would be to meet a celebrity, now I could care less.  Sure, they are talented, but what have they done that makes them so special, none of them are as humble as the veterans I have meet.  They will tell you, “We didn’t do anything special; we did what had to be done.”

The next time I begin to complain about how cold it is or why I have to go to the dentist and have a tooth removed; my thought will now be, “Thank You” because without these men’s sacrifice, I would not be able to.

My hope is you will have the same thought cross your mind.

God Bless all those who have served and currently serve in the military and God Bless America.  “Ooh-rah!”

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If you would like to make a donation and/or know a WWII or Korean War veteran click here for information on how to make a donation and/or register a veteran.