Happy 50th Birthday Tim Scheer

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Pictured above is the fifth grade and kindergarden classes and Coach Scheer's daughter, Kim Scheer who teaches at New Haven as well, to his right.

Tim Scheer has been the physical education teacher at New Haven Elementary School for the past 20 years.  Today “Coach” Scheer, as students refer to him, turned the big ‘5’ - ‘0’.

Students, teachers, and faculty all wore black today; the gym walls were filled with 50’s, each of them signed by students.

Coach Scheer is probably one of the most loved teachers among students.

They mobbed him with hugs and happy birthday wishes.  Watching as students expressed their love and appreciation was one of those rare priceless moments.

Happy Birthday Coach Scheer!

From all the students at R-2, New Haven Elementary, and your entire family with love.