Helling retires after 31 years teaching at New Haven

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By: Kaylin Bade

New Haven, Mo - After 31 years of teaching at New Haven High School, Rhonda Helling has submitted her letter of resignation to the Superintendent of the New Haven School District.

After graduating from Missouri Valley College in Marshall, Mo., Rhonda began teaching in New Haven.  New Haven is the only school district she has taught at, which is unusual for a teacher, but she says that it is due to her love for the students in New Haven.

Mrs. Helling’s retirement comes at this time due to Coach Dave Luecke's resignation.  She stated that she has been thinking about retiring for a few years now, however “the resignation of Mr. Luecke was the final straw.  I just decided that it was not a situation where I wanted to be involved.  I disagree with some of the practices of this particular [school] board and superintendent.”

She reiterated that “teaching in the classroom is a positive place; it's just the paperwork and administrative things that you have to deal with that are the pain.”

Her most memorable experiences from her teaching career stem from the students in her Creative Writing classes.  She says that the heartfelt speeches her students gave “blew me away”.

During her retirement, she will be travelling and enjoying her newfound freedom.  She does not plan on seeking a part-time job as she hopes to simply be able to relax. 

When asked what she will miss the most about teaching, she stated, “That is easy, the kids.  I am to the point now where I am teaching the children of my former students, I have watched them all grow up and I will miss them all.”

The students will cerainly miss Mrs. Helling just as much, as she has been a loyal teacher who has touched the lives of 31 years worth of students at New Haven High School.  Although she is retiring, Mrs. Helling knows that, “The kids will go with me in my heart.”