High School Choir has brilliant performance at Christmas Concert

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Pictured in back is Abby Klahn and in front Madison Johnson
Video of performance below.

Wednesday night’s Christmas Concert revealed some very talented vocal artist after New Haven High School’s Choir's jaw dropping performance.

The evening also included performances by the high school band along with the Middle School’s Band and Choir.

Wednesday night, December 12, 2012, maybe a day people look back at remembering a familiar vocalist perform on the radio ten years from now.

Pictured on left Raul Moreno who opened with a solo in Extraordinary Christmas and Caleb Sankey.

The High School Choir sang three songs, O Holy Night, Christmas Shoes, and Extraordinary Christmas.

Christmas Shoes seemed to be a crowd pleaser after they were given quite the ovation.  Particularly after hearing one student’s solo at the end.

Abby Klahn’s solo in the song Christmas Shoes revealed a beautiful voice few of her fellow classmates knew about.  Afterwards several classmates made comments about never realizing she was such a great singer.

Aside from Klahn’s solo New Haven’s Choir put on a wonderful performance.

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Below is Christmas Shoes, including Klahn’s solo.