Hot dogging good time with Bank of Franklin County at last night's softball game

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Pictured above:  Jerry Jasper grilling hotdogs.

Before last night’s softball game, employees from Bank of Franklin County’s New Haven Branch hosted their annual tailgate party for Shamrock fans.

Jerry Jasper was in charge of the grilling, and if I must say, he grilled up some of the finest hot dogs I have ever had.  Along with hotdogs, there was chili to make chilidogs.

Amanda Bohr and Ryan Winters handed out Shamrock green t-shirts for fans who were at last night’s game.

Pictured right:  Employees serve fans and give away t-shirts.

The employees at the New Haven Branch have been hosting the tailgate party the past couple years.

Angie Scheer said, “I hope fans enjoyed the hotdogs and chili.  We always have a good time each year doing the tailgate party for fans and want to thank everyone who came out to support the Lady Shamrocks.”