How closely do you look at your cell phone bill

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Several weeks ago we noticed our cell phone bill had increased by 10 dollars.  In reviewing the bill, we found a charge listed as a “ringtone/wallpaper subscription” for $9.99.

We called AT&T, they credited our account and were able to remove the subscription.

While speaking with the customer service representative, she explained several possible reason this may have occurred and what to be cautious of.

When signing up for some type of online account, regardless of the business, make sure to take time when filling out the online form.

Many times there is a check box at the bottom of the form that is already checked.  Make sure to read the disclosure next to the box.  Many times by leaving it checked you are giving permission for them to send regular updates through e-mail and/or via a text message.

The key word is “Text Message” because this is how the subscriptions are occurring.

Random text messages, similar to the picture on right, are how people are tricked into a subscription without even realizing it.

Even though the subscription is listed under the title “AT&T Monthly Subscriptions” AT&T is not sending these messages.

In this particular case., the subscription provider is ClickGen.

Our main concern is that readers be aware of this and encourage everyone to pay close attention to their cell phone bills.

As I mentioned, our account was credited without any issues.