"I will enjoy a seond and third cup of coffee"

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Yesterday was the last time Marian Kelly would wake up, get ready for work and only able to enjoy one cup of coffee before she headed to work.

Today, Kelly officially began the luxuries that retirement brings after 26 years of working at Citizens Bank.

The popular question everyone seems to ask, what is the first thing you will do tomorrow, meaning day one of retirement?

Kelly said, “I am going to enjoy a second and third cup of coffee.”  It are these little things in life that people seem to enjoy the most, like a second cup of coffee.

Kelly’s final day of work was to some extent a bittersweet moment.  Probably more sweet than bitter, however the same people Kelly had become accustom to seeing every morning, bright and early, has come to an end.

On the bright side, she will always be able to stop in and see all those she had worked with for many years.  The only difference, she will have had her two extra cups of coffee.

Congratulations and Happy Retirement.